On the other side of this screen we are 27 craftsmen that strive to make Internet a better place. No matter if it's a website, an app of something unconventional, we care to make  beautiful and functional things. We dig deep to be on the same page with our clients and their businesses. 

Being more than 12 years in the industry, we've learned, that great result comes form focused work. Our way of addressing problems is by understanding, iterating and experimenting. That’s why our team is made of people with relevant experience and expertise. Everyone from UX designers to developers are working shoulder to shoulder to make sure we deliver the best product. See for yourself - come, visit us!


Our work is
well recognized

Latvian advertising festival "Adwards"

2017 Grand Prix

2017 3 × I category

2015 Grand Prix

2015 3 × I category

2014 II category

2013 I category

2013 II category

2012 I category

2012 II category

International Advertising Festival “Golden Hammer”

2016 Silver

2013 2 x Silver

2012 Silver

2011 Shortlist

2010 Silver

World Summit Mobile Award

2015 2 x Winner

2010 Winner

KYIV international advertising festival

2012  Bronze

2011 Gold

Young Cannes lions

2008 Bronze

Latvian IT Award “Platinum mouse”

2011 Category Winner

2010 Category Winner

2009 Category Winner

Latvian advertising festival "Adwards"

2011 2 × I category

2010 2 × I category

2009 I category

Latvian IT Award “Platinum mouse”

2009 Category Winner

2008 Category Winner

International Advertising Festival “Golden Hammer”

2009 2 × Silver