Design sprint

Design sprints are an efficient way for testing a digital product idea in a short amount of time. It is a three to five-day workshop that includes methods for research, ideation, prototyping, and testing. It is used to test novel ideas without committing time and money in product development.
We can proudly say that the full cycle of website development and digital marketing campaigns are done in-house. From content architecture, design, animations and 3D renders to the final line of code. From planning to execution to evaluation - no step is less important.

Key details

  • The program is intended for everyone involved in the design of digital products.
  • A group of up to ten people is recommended as the maximum number of participants.
  • The program's content is entirely made up of practical assignments.
  • The sprint takes 3-5 days and lasts 5 hours per day.
  • The workshop is offered both in-person and online.

When would we
recommend a Design Sprint?

  • You have an urgent problem that must be resolved quickly.
  • You have an idea but aren't sure if it will work.
  • You have several ideas but are unable to select the right one.

How does
it work?

The design sprint is divided into five stages: problem identification, idea generation, final solution selection, prototyping, and prototype testing. During these five stages, our UX specialists will collaborate with your team of 5-10 individuals. In 4-5 days, we will work together to develop a tested prototype. You will be able to obtain all materials created during the sprint as well as participate in user tests.

What will
you receive?

  • A prototype of a solution that has been tested with the target audience.
  • Evidence confirming the success of the solution or discoveries indicating why this is not the case.
  • Your target audience's input, suggestions for improvement, and which design sprint results would be valuable to them.
  • The ideas created during the sprint will also be valuable in future projects.

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